We are fundraising to buy a Start Small van so that we can ensure safe, daily transportation for our children, to and from school!

We currently pay monthly to rent a van and driver for our transportation. Purchasing our own will allow us to save an estimated $350 per month which will go directly back to the charity to be used for other projects like our microfinance program, girl power program and other projects within the community.

Follow the just giving link below to read more about this project.


We believe everyone deserves access to the basic human needs of food, water and shelter. Uzima water filters work to filter over 99.99% of the bacteria that cause waterborne disease. It is easily maintained by back flushing with clean water, requires no electricity, there are no consumables to buy, and no parts to replace. This water filter could be life changing for the families we work with. Most families residing in urban slums like Rhonda do not have access to clean drinking water and have to risk drinking the water that is available to them. This creates the risk of many water borne illnesses like cholera, typhoid, amoebas and so much more. These diseases are fatal if untreated and many families cannot afford to treat them. Read more about Uzima water filters here

One water filter costs about 25 USD and we would like to purchase them for each of our families which is about 60 families currently.

We hope to be able to provide these to all families and the larger community throughout the coming year and are hoping to raise 1,500 USD for this project.