Yummy Food

In 2016, we began providing breakfast and lunch to a small school in Rhonda, through the Yummy Food Project, funded by a UK donor.

Recently we began working with another local school called Fulton Academy to provide breakfast and lunch to about 25 children ages 4years to 6 years. The location of their school is a bit more remote and they have never received any type of financial assistance from the government or elsewhere. A local woman simply saw a need for education in her area and decided to address the issue herself by opening a school. The students are only asked to pay what they can, minimal amounts to supplement a salary for one teacher and the few supplies needed. For most of the children we serve, these meals are the only ones they have in a day. It allows them to focus in school, feel they are in a safe place and that they are cared for. The impact is not just filling an empty stomach, the act of such generosity brings a sense of hope and love that really goes so far.

How to help: you can be our next lunch sponsor or help by adding fruits to the menu or even occasionally a little treat like juice, please email us at [email protected] or get in touch through Facebook