Cindy (Director) Cindy is the founder and director of Start Small. She moved to Kenya in 2013, after her initial trip in 2011, where she was struck by the number of children desperate to attend school. Cindy returned to her home country of the UK in 2020 after 8 wonderful years of living in Kenya. She is still very involved with the charity, being the director and on the board of trustees. Her hard work and insatiable love for life have led Start Small to become the successful organisation it is today.

Jennie (Project Manager) Jennie officially joined the Start Small team in 2019 after several years of volunteering with us since meeting Cindy in 2011. She now manages the day to day on-goings of the Charity in the office and in the field. She understands the integrity that founded the charity and strives to continue its mission to change lives through education; all while adoring our children as if they were her own!

Sharon (Assistant Project Manager) Sharon joined the Start Small team in 2018 and quickly became a vital member of our team in the office with administration work, as well as on the ground with our children and projects. The children have grown to love her and the families trust her immensely. Sharon has a bachelor’s degree in education with a background in teaching. Sharon too has a real love for life, fun, and laughter and we are so glad to have her.

Davey (Transportation Manager) Davey is the primary driver for the children who attend PCEA Jitegemea. He spends a great deal of time with all of them, picking them up each morning and taking them home every evening. Davey is kind, gentle, attentive, and a great role model. He has been essential in ensuring our children have someone to trust, confide in and look up to. He is also key in communicating with the office staff of any concerns or needs of the children, ensuring their health and safety.

Zack (Field Work Assistant) Zack joined Start Small in 2019 and has been amazing at looking after all of our children and their families. He assists Davey in transporting the children to and from school which makes it possible for him to really understand the situation of each of our children and their families on a personal level. Zack is key to the foundation of our program which strives to be a family and community to those we serve. Zack’s incredible empathy, compassion and joyful spirit is so important to Start Small and we are very lucky to have him.

We are a very honest, forthcoming and transparent charity. If you have any queries whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch – we are quite a friendly bunch!

Office phone:
+254 758 332 126
Postal address: PO Box 18510 Nakuru, Kenya 20100